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BelokurikhaThe resort Belokurikha is located at the foothills of Altai on height of 240-250 metres on the sea level, in a beautiful valley near the mountain Cerkovka. The South part of this resort is occupied by quite high mountains, covered with the splendid evergreen coniferous forest.

The landscape becomes animated owing to the mountain river Belokurikha with its numerous brooks. Upstream, the narrow valley changes into the mountain gorge, but northward moves to Priob plain. There are lots of miraculous, unforgettable places which remain in your memory for a long time. The greatness, the solemn beauty of Altai, its crystal clean air - everything breaths with health and thirst of life.

The spring in Belokurikha is well-known by the mountain flows, the blue sky and the bright blossom which strikes the tourists` eyes. The white clouds running in the sky like big swans remind of the summer. The light and pensive autumn like a magic temple decks out the mountains and valleys. The environs of the resort in winter remind a fairy tale where snow like bright diamonds sparkles on the sun and powerful pines are dressed in snow fur coats.

How all began...

BelokurikhaThe Hot Springs in the valley of the river Belokurikha were known at the end of the 18th century since the first Russian settlers appeared at the foothills of Altai. This town got its name from the "White Smoking" of hot springs.

The unusual springs attracted attention of the first settlers.

Later, in 40-60s of the 19th century, some peasants discovered the curative power of the spring in case of the joint, skin and ocular diseases. The first report devoted to the mineral sources was published in 1867 in the newspaper "The Tomskie Vedomosti". That year is considered to be the year of the birth of this resort.

The clinical observations for the patients` treatment have conducted only since 1920s. At that time hydroclinic, polyclinic were built. Today Belokurikha firmly holds the leadership among the Russian resorts out of Ural. Belokurikha actively developed and that was a reason for conferring it the status of the resort of federal importance. Besides, Belokurikha is referred to the unique resort of the Russian Federation.

Natural therapeutic factors

Resort Belokurikha is a unique place on the Earth, where all the elements treat you Fire, Air, Soil and Water.

FIRE (Sun). There is the same number of sunny days here as at the resorts of Caucasus and Crimea. So holiday makes have a great opportunity to get beautiful tan, which above all stimulates normalization of calcium metabolism.

BelokurikhaAIR. Climate here is characterised by high average annual temperature and mostly windless weather, there are no great swings in atmosphere pressure. Air is rich in negative air ions, this gives you cheerfulness and good stay of health. The average content of them in the upper part of the resort and on the mountains slopes exceeds famous Swiss resort Davos more than twice.

SOIL. The resort id located at the foot of Altai mountain. The southern part of the resort is framed by the mountains, covered with evergreen growth. Mountain river Belokurikha with its numerous springs brightens up the beautiful landscape. Up-stream narrow valley changes into mountain gorge and downstream into Priob plain. Natural walking routs perfectly suit for all kinds of training programmes that makes you feel that Nature made them deliberately for the resort guests.

BelokurikhaWATER. And still the main value here is nitric siliceous thermal waters with radon. They intensify human adaptive potential. It is proved that these waters are able to slow down the process of ageing of the body.

Along with common for the resort natural therapeutic factors, exclusive technologies of health improving by powerful effects of Altai nature are widely used.

Altai is the habital of maral - the animal which is considered to be the symbol of health and sexual strength. Panto hematogenic substance is actively used at the Belokurikha resort in the treatment of various diseases. Effective technologies are created on the basis of applying panto extract.

Therapeutic muds are also widely used at the resort. Medical use mud tampons and applications shows successful results in the treatment of internal diseases, genital and musculoskeletal systems. Herbal teas made from vital Altai herbs are used in the complex treatment of different diseases and give sufficient results during rehabilitation programmes. We also apply herbal decoction and tincture microclysters, phytobathes and mini phytosaunas.

BelokurikhaHoney treatment Altai aromatic honey is considered to be one of the main natural riches of this place. It possesses the unique taste and flavour. Favourable climatic conditions, a variety of plants and ecologically safe environment make it much different from honey gathered in other parts of Russia. Honey massage and bathes are actively applied at the resort as well as its intake.

Mineral drinking water Since May 2005 «Belokurikhinskaya Vostochnaya 2» mineral drinking water is used at the resort as one of its main medicinal factors. Its application in the treatment of gastrointestinal disturbance, diseases of urinary system, as well as endoecological rehabilitation proves sufficient therapeutic effect.

Belokurikha and recreation

Resort Belokurikha is a unique place on the Earth, where all the elements treat you Fire, Air, Soil and Water.

Apart from the medical treatment, rest and entertainment sphere in Belokurikha is also well developed. There is everything for great pastime, everyone will find exactly what he needs to amuse and recuperate in any season. All nights long music in the night clubs doesn't fade. There are billiards clubs and bowling, lots of cafes and restaurants that offer you a great variety of cuisines. In almost all sanatoriums there is a rental agency, where it is possible to find even snowmobiles and quadrocycles. The rest in the neighbouring Mountain Altai is also very popular.

Different kinds of leisure activities like white-water rafting, visiting caves and waterfalls, notable places and maral farms are also offered to holiday makers. In outskirts of Belokurikha horse breeding is very developed, there is a horse-yard with thoroughbred horse specimens. Horse-riding is famous free time activity among many holiday makers.

BelokurikhaMountain Altai possess a particular magnificent power. Even experienced tourists, who have travelled all over the country and seen all wonderful places of the Urals, Caucasus and Karelia still prefer Altai. It remains in your memory being blue, wide and full of golden light. In the blue sparkling air you will see wooded mountain ranges, wide plateau of virgin nature, crystal rivers and lakes amongst ancient cliffs. Turquoise Altai, unique in its beauty, is a real award for tourists and holiday makers. Altai Mountains region is included into UNESCO List as one of especially valuable cultural and natural areas on the planet.

Rafting in Altai is basically organized along the Katun River, which is one of the five biggest rafting rivers in the world along with Zambezi and Colorado. “Katun”(in Altai native language it means “lady”, “mistress”) is very rapid, deep and splendid. Rocky steeps frame the bank of this great river. Katun waters have unforgettable turquoise colour.

Altai caves are also worth speaking about. In almost every famous cave men settlement signs of different epochs were found. The Denisov's cave, where scientists found the most ancient men remains on the territory of North Asia, is situated here. Two-day tours to Teletskoe Lake including sailing and fishing are offered for the most inveterate travellers.

Belokurikha and sport

BelokurikhaAt the end of the 20th century the resort Belokurikha mastered a new “specialty” downhill skiing. If only snow covers the land downhill skiing and snowboarding lovers rush to Belokurikha from all Western Siberia.

Resort Belokurikha attracts downhill skiing fans with its climate, developed rest infrastructure and of course with its surrounding mountain slopes. Fresh air, blue sky and splendid mountains all these creates wonderful mood, gives you positive emotions and magnificent downhill paths conquer amateurs and professionals. Comfortable accommodation in sanatoriums, hotels and boarding houses, developed entertainment industry and additional health improving services successfully supplement you rest at the downhill resort.

The beginning of development of downhill skiing in Belokurikha wasn't so easy. In 1980s there were some attempts to make paths for training Olympic teams, but resort business founders were against of sport development at the resort. From the position of resort business of that time resorts were made exceptionally for medical treatment. But in last years this situation has changed and necessity of attraction people all year round stimulated new services development.

As index of resort attraction for sportsmen became conducting the laps of downhill skiing Russian Cup. Sportsmen compete in the following disciplines: giant slalom, super giant, special slalom. In 2006 two festivals of active rest “Snow ball” took place in Belokurikha.

Nowadays in Belokurikha there are seven downhill paths with the total length of more than seven kilometers. There are also systems of providing mountain slopes with the artificial snow. It is planned to make five more paths.

Belokurikha and health

On the first stage of the Belokurikha resort development cardiovascular system and locomotor apparatus diseases were treated, that was caused by the specific effect of medical waters. During the resort development, its medical profile steadily extended. Elaboration and application of new medical methods run in cooperation with chief scientific centres in Siberia. Medical methods based on local natural stuff such as honey, herbals, mud, etc. are also actively used. Great attention is devoted to short medical courses, which are mostly demanded among business people.

Belokurikha entered the 21st century with wonderful modern buildings of medical and preventive institutions equipped with modern technologies with the specialists of high level.

Medical profiles of the resort have formed:
  • cardiovascular system diseases
  • locomotor apparatus diseases
  • gynecological diseases
  • nervous system diseases
  • endocrine system and metabolism diseases
  • skin diseases
  • gastrointestinal tract diseases
  • respiratory organs diseases
  • urological diseases
  • occupational diseases
  • ENT diseases
  • pediatrics
The leading methods of treatment include:
  • balneotherapy medical baths, showers, underwater traction
  • physiotherapy
  • pelotherapy
  • inhalations
  • naturotherapy (traditional medicine)
  • psychotherapy
  • manual therapy
  • massage
  • kinesiothyerapy
  • reflexotherapy
  • speleotherapy

Belokurikha and Business

BelokurikhaAccording to the amount of negative aeroions in the air Belokurikha confidently competes with famous Davos, so at the end of the 20th century it started one more “competition” with this resort. Thanks to developed infrastructure Belokurikha became the place for all kinds of business meetings forums, seminars and conferences on the highest international level. Nowadays most of the business meetings, where strategic questions of Siberia development are discussed, held in Belokurikha.

The history of this comes from the very beginning of the resort foundation. For these purposes town cultural centre and sanatoriums concert halls were used. Availability of seats, one microphone, blackboard and some chalk was enough for that.

In 1990s almost all sanatoriums had modern business-centres and chambers. But the first place here occupies the close corporation “Resort Belokurikha”. They created new technical resources in their sanatoriums, which let them combine medical treatment and rest with holding seminars and meeting on the highest level. The Internet and satellite connection, modern and comfortable interiors, computers and projects, all the necessary conditions for simultaneous translation, mass media rooms, coffee-breaks and fourchette. All these advantages have chambers in sanatorium “Sibir” (capacity from 50 to 300 guests), a new multifunctional hall in sanatorium “Katun” (up to 150 guests) and in sanatorium “Belokurikha” (up to 50 guests).

It has already become a tradition to hold a counterpart of the Davos forum on the basis of these sanatoriums “Western Siberia: region, economics, investments”; international technical-scientific conferences with participation of Russian Academy of Science; out meetings of Duma; international and federal economic, medical conferences held in the context of Siberian Covenant. In 2006 thirty-eight such arrangements were held here.

In 2006 a new hotel “Belovodie” was opened, where they also have the most modern chamber equipped with all the necessary technical, technological and organizational backing.

Belokurikha is famous for being not only All-Russian health resort but also a unique place for business-tourism, where you can find a common language with any partners.

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